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Helping Other People Excel

Four chapters meeting weekly to build referral relationships.  We support each other and our businesses by getting to know and trust each other, and believe this is best accomplished through spending time together. Many of our members say, “we are not just a networking group, we are a family!”

Our Mission

At Innovative Networking, Helping Other People Excel – H.O.P.E. – is our guiding principle. By developing lasting, lifelong relationships, we enable our members to grow both personally and professionally so we can make a difference in the communities we serve. Our vision is a world where business and community come together in equal measure. By providing for each other first, we all succeed.

How To Get Started

Complete Guest Request Form

Fill out and send our simple guest request with your information, company name, and industry. We will check our membership rolls to see if anyone else represents the same industry as you, and if you are eligible, we will extend an invitation to attend a meeting.

Attending Two Consecutive Meetings

After attending two consecutive IN chapter meetings, a Guest is eligible to receive an application. Once the Application has been completed and reviewed,  you will be notified of the results by the Chapter President or Recruitment Director.


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